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Raising funds for CyberKnife Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment

The Trust

The Birth of The Stan Bowley Trust

Alan was astounded by the help, support and financial assistance ge received during his illness and subsequent CyberKnife treatment from not only family, friends and colleagues but also from members of the public that he didn’t even know. As a result of this, he became determined to spread the word about CyberKnife, hence, in 2008, The Stan Bowley CyberKnife Trust was founded.

The primary aim of The Stan Bowley CyberKnife Trust was to raise money to purchase a CyberKnife system in the north west of England.

Despite the fact Alan is no longer with us, the Trustees of The Stan Bowley Trust are determined to carry on fundraising and raising CyberKnife awareness in Alan’s memory. In March of 2011, our trust was re-named and we became The Stan Bowley Trust. In recent months The Stan Bowley Trust has joined forces with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. The joint aim was to raise sufficient funds to purchase a CyberKnife machine for the hospital. This was a massive step forward for the Trust. In the summer of 2013, the dream became reallity, when the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, purchased a CyberKnife machine. This machine to date has succesfully treated in excess of 150 patients. However, it does not stop there. CyberKnife is able to treat numerous areas of cancer, but sadly there are no clinical trial results in the United Kingdom. Therefore, as a Charity we continue to suppport the Queen Elizabeth hospital in their ongoing trials.

The CyberKnife system cost in excess of £3.5million pounds and that’s just for the machine! We have a good record of fundraising activities including our annual ball, golf days, sponsored challenges and a fundraising lottery but we must do more. If you are willing to fundraise on our behalf or you are able to make a donation, however small or large, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us through our ‘contact page’. We can provide you with a fundraising pack or some ideas about challenges or sponsorship funds.

We also want to help sufferers of cancer and their families with information and advice about robotic radio therapy techniques. We do this through our website and leaflets and through our forum.

Help us to fundraise

Every penny counts and goes towards saving lives......!

Can you help us?

If you can help us to fundraise, it would be very much appreciated; not only by the Trust members but by many cancer sufferers whose lives could be dramatically changed for the better from having the opportunity to have CyberKnife treatment.

If you are willing to fundraise on our behalf or you are able to make a donation, however small or large, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us through our ‘contact page’.

Your help is needed!

The Stan Bowley Trust

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The Stan Bowley Trust is a registered Charity No.1144398 working in partnership with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Charity registered Charity Number 1093989

We are not medical personnel and do not intend to take away from your physician's advice. Individual evaluation by an experienced surgeon or oncologist is essential to determine a correct diagnosis and the best course of treatment for you. Our aim is to raise awareness, educate and inform others through life experiences. Accuray is not affiliated nor a sponsor of the site.
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