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Raising funds for CyberKnife Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment

Jo's Story

I was diagnosed with a brain tumour in June 2010, the tumour had been missed by my GP for 18 months, so I was operated on immediately to perform a biopsy, which was fortunately benign. Two months later, I was operated on again to remove part of the tumour, due to the position, only part of the tumour could be removed. A decision was made that I didn’t need radiotherapy and the tumour would be monitored with regular scans.

In December 2011, a week after a scan, I was called and asked to meet with an Oncologist, I went along and he told me there had been a slight increase in the size of the tumour and he recommended I had a further operation to de-bulk the tumour and then I would be considered for Radiosurgery.

Once the third operation was over, I went to meet with my Oncologist again, he said a meeting had taken place and the decision was made that I would benefit most from CyberKnife Radiosurgery. At the time, there were no machines in Birmingham, so I was referred to St Barts in London. This still wasn’t guaranteed, I had to go to London to meet the team, they told me a meeting would take place to discuss my case and would be in touch, luckily, I was accepted.

The treatment happened over three days and each session lasted about 45 minutes. It was painless and I was able to leave hospital after each session. I was told that the CyberKnife treatment would stop the tumour from growing, but it would remain the same size (this wasn’t a problem). Two years on, I have had three scans and the tumour has reduced slightly at each scan, I have now been put on yearly scans, at one time I never thought this would be possible.

I’m so grateful that my Oncologist recommended I had CyberKnife Radiosurgery, (a machine that I had never heard of at the time of being told). Due to the machine, I should go on to live a long life and for that, I’ll remain forever thankful.

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