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Raising funds for CyberKnife Cancer Radiotherapy Treatment


Funding Alan’s CyberKnife Treatment

Funding Alan’s CyberKnife treatment was obviously an important factor for him to consider when he started down the CyberKnife path. His paramount concern was to get better and that was all he could focus on. Faced with the news that you may only have 2-3 years left to live, your thoughts tend to be ‘we’ll pay whatever it costs’ but obviously you have to be realistic about whether you are able to fund the treatment.

He believed that even if the CyberKnife cannot cure you of your cancer but it can extend your lifespan with good quality, the treatment has to be worth every penny you spend on it. He certainly didn’t have a spare £40,000 in the bank but thankfully; his parents are still around, so he knew he would ‘find’ the money one way or another.

Alan’s surgeon in the UK mentioned before he went to America that he would probably be eligible for NHS funding but he knew that time was of the essence and he would look into that once he had returned from Washington. Thankfully, due to a very understanding bank manager, within 2 days of approaching his bank, he had £35,000 in his account.

Alan, a police officer for over 20 years service, knew within a few days his colleagues would help raise the money one way or another. He could go to America and not have to worry about the ‘debt’ while he was there.

Taking such a large sum of money to America was an important factor he needed to consider. The hospital in Georgetown informed him that he could not pay with a credit card and they did not have the facility for him to do a bank-to-bank transfer. He decided the safest way to take such a large amount of money was to take it all in US dollar traveller’s cheques.


NHS Funding Of CyberKnife Treatment

We would now advise anybody who is considering undertaking CyberKnife treatment to approach their nearest CyberKnife centre, to see if they are eligble for funded treatment in the UK.

We hope by raising the awareness of CyberKnife in the UK, more people will be able to benefit from this revolutionary treatment.

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